Human mechanics gait adjustment & correction solutions

FOOTWORK LAB® is a Chinese-based health technology brand that specializes in AI-powered biomechanical diagnosis, gait adjustment, and correction solutions. Through AI detection and diagnosis evaluation, with "dynamic correction" as the core, it provides personalized solutions for gait adjustment and correction, youth and adult sports protection, rehabilitation assistance, and pain relief for children aged 3-12, and uses language models to achieve AI guidance in sub-fields.It is the first health technology brand in China to achieve independent research and development in the whole chain from testing systems to solutions.

Timely prevention, timely adjustment and correction

Healthy gait, benefit for life

Flat feet, X/O-shaped legs, in/out toeing, body twist... These neglected problems are continuously threatening the health of children! If the wrong gait continues to develop, it will cause irreversible damage to the child's health. The 3-12 year old skeletal development period is the best gait adjustment period. Prevention in time, adjustment and correction in time, healthy gait, the benefit for life.

FOOTWORKLAB's AI Digital Intelligence Gait Detection System

FOOTWORK LAB® has built a complete gait AI detection system. Through the BODY FIT AI machine vision AI model and the sinmec fabric sensing technology, it has realized the full-dimensional gait AI detection under static and dynamic conditions, and the collection and evaluation of limb force line, foot scanning, foot pressure balance, dynamic pressure, spatial posture and other dimensions of data, providing the basis for personalized product customization solutions.。

FOOTWORKLAB gait adjustment and correction customized solutions

Different individuals, different symptoms, and even the same person's two feet may have differences. FOOTWORK LAB® customizes exclusive adjustment and correction plans according to AI intelligent detection and evaluation, fully combining individual needs, and matching personalized "dynamic correction" exercise guidance. What we provide is not an ordinary commodity, but a tailor-made gait adjustment and correction solution.

Global Presence

FOOTWORK LAB® has been exporting comprehensive solutions from AI intelligent detection to personalized product customization to more than 40 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, etc. Currently, FOOTWORK LAB® has established more than 400 solution service scenarios globally, covering fields such as podiatry clinics, medical foot care, sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation medicine, sports training, sports brands, etc.